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Located in Luxembourg, Germany, and Hong Kong, ONPEX provides modular, white-label Payment- and Banking*-as-a-Service solutions that optimize payment and banking* transactions management.

our vision

ONPEX is a globally leading platform to manage currencies, assets, and smart contracts in the digital economy.

Our mission is to add simplicity, transparency, and automation to orchestrating transaction life cycle data.

Christoph Tutsch, Founder and CEO


Founder and Managing Director

Christoph Tutsch

Christoph is the founder and CEO of ONPEX. He started the company in 2013 with the goal to provide businesses with an ideal solution for online payments and digital transactions. An accomplished payments expert, he saw the need for a solution to manage all financial processes in one single platform. Christoph oversees the strategic positioning of ONPEX and the development of its solutions.

CFO and Managing Director

Jürgen Schneider

Jürgen is the CFO of ONPEX. Prior to joining ONPEX, he worked in payments for ACI Worldwide, a global, Nasdaq-listed Banking & Payment solution provider headquartered in the US. He gained vast experience in banking at J.P. Morgan in Frankfurt. At ONPEX, Jürgen is responsible for Finance and Operations.


Germán Fuentes Capella

Germán has many years of experience in the financial sector, having managed over 200 payment integrations in a cloud-based environment with millions of transactions processed per day. At ONPEX, Germán is responsible for the technical platform scalability and resilience, the development of all the features our clients love, and the highly valued customer support.

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