ONPEX Banking and Payment Solution at FinTech Power 50 Awards!


Simple, fast and secure cross-border payments with ONPEX at FinTech Power 50

Nomination of ONPEX simple, fast and secure cross-border payment and banking solutions at FinTech Power 50: “Together we are building the Fintech Power 50 as a collaborative hub connecting the best talent in the industry, no matter how big or small the business.” Jason Williams, Founder of FinTech Power 50.

What’s the FinTech Power 50?

Nearly 400 businesses have been registered for the FinTech Power 50 with the goal to make it to top 50 most influential businesses that will shape the future of financial services.

However, being part of Fintech Power 50 does not stop at the placement within the top 50, members aim to build a collaborative hub that connects the best talent in the industry, no matter the size of the business.

The FinTech Power 50 hub is organised with established, influential industry partners, such as B-Hive, London & Partners and FinTech Finance.

Why ONPEX and Our Banking and Payment Solution?

Companies have been without access to flexible API-based solutions to manage their payments and banking in today’s highly regulated business environment.  To meet this need, we offer multi-currency API-based payment IBAN accounts and acquiring as a regulated financial institution in a PSD2-compliant environment.

Simply put, our innovative solutions enable customers to facilitate fast and secure cross-border payments, while meeting the regulatory requirements of their specific industry.

We believe injecting our unique and cost-efficient service offerings into the heart of FinTech Power 50 community will be beneficial for the future of simple, fast and secure payments.

It’s your call.

Vote for ONPEX until August 31st, 2018.